Social Justice

Will We Learn From, or Repeat, History?

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy A report on NPR this morning noted that there have been less protesters at the Republican National Convention than had been expected. A person being interviewed speculated that perhaps the open carry laws of Ohio and the strong show of force… Continue reading Will We Learn From, or Repeat, History?


Syllabus, LIS451, Fall 2016

Instructor: Martin Wolske: (preferred contact method); 217-840-7434 (mobile) Office Hours: TBD Course Description: Hands-on introduction to networked information systems for the LIS environment. The course steps students through choosing, installing, and managing computer hardware and operating systems, as well as networking hardware and software. The course also explores alternatives for administering IT and how… Continue reading Syllabus, LIS451, Fall 2016