A Person-centered Guide to Demystifying Technology

A Person-Centered Guide to Demystifying Technology (2020)

I am so excited as I see the growing global audience accessing my new book! This has been a labor of love. But it has also been a work of reciprocity as I have worked to bring together the many gifts shared with me over the years from my wonderful community partners over the last 2+ decades of work in community and with community.

Many have found one or two chapters to be of value for now, while others are slowly finding helpful connections between chapters. This was always intended to be remixable, and I’m pleased to see this proving to be so for not just for those from the United States, but also for a growing audience of readers in Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada, and beyond!

Your feedback is much appreciated as you enter into this material, and I look forward to examples in which this creative commons share-alike international is used as a helpful resource as you build your own creative works!

— Martin