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Beach song

Singers On the BeachI went down to the beach to find a little quiet time to write up some notes on my computer for a news report on our experiences.  After a short time, three older girls started watching over my shoulder.  One in particular watched intently for some 5-10 minutes.  After a bit, I stopped what I was doing to show her the computer.  She didn’t want to try typing, so I pulled up Audacity and recorded myself whistling.  She laughed.  I tried to get her to say something but she wouldn’t, so I made a few other sounds and played them back.  She laughed each time.  Finally she started saying “nao” and “oui” into the mic, and I played that back and she laughed even harder.  Then a friend of hers joined us and they both started talking into the computer and laughing as it was played back.  Finally, the first girl encouraged the second girl to sing a song together.  They were very pleased when I played it back. Next we played around with Photobooth, and they especially enjoyed seeing themselves after viewing the special effects.  The episode led to a few more youth joining me, including one who had taken english for a year and wanted to practice.  But up to that point, conversations were all non-verbal.  And even then, with the boy practicing his rough english wdere facilitated by having pictures of my life available, and songs from iTunes.  In all, it was a great diversion from work!

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