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Fall 2019 Edition of IS418: Community Engagement

Based on the wonderful feedback from the rich community of co-explorers, I’ve made some tweaks to my Community Engagement course, especially during the second half of the semester. Here’s a flyer for the course: IS418: Community Engagement Day/Time:    Wednesdays, 9-11:50AM, 182 Armory Instructor:     Martin Wolske Description:  Community engagement refers to the multiple ways… Continue reading Fall 2019 Edition of IS418: Community Engagement


More on Our Greenhouse

I’ve had several people asking for further information on the greenhouse we built this last fall, and in which we now have 8 tomatoes standing at some 12″ tall already (specifically Pozzano and Frederik greenhouse indeterminates)! The greenhouse was built using SolaWrap purchased from Johnny Seeds out of Maine. These come in 6′ wide strips… Continue reading More on Our Greenhouse