More on Our Greenhouse

I’ve had several people asking for further information on the greenhouse we built this last fall, and in which we now have 8 tomatoes standing at some 12″ tall already (specifically Pozzano and Frederik greenhouse indeterminates)! The greenhouse was built using SolaWrap purchased from Johnny Seeds out of Maine. These come in 6′ wide strips… Continue reading More on Our Greenhouse


2017 Summer Challenges at Wolske Urban Farm

Jim Angel’s latest post regarding “Dryness Across Illinois” is helping to shed light on some of the challenges we’re seeing so far this summer on the Wolske Urban Farm. As a result of the below-normal rainfall, crops and vegetation have had to rely more heavily on soil moisture to grow. This is causing a rapid depletion of soil… Continue reading 2017 Summer Challenges at Wolske Urban Farm

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Of Gardens and Walled Communities

This morning I laid in bed listening to passersby walking or biking down our street commenting on our garden. A few minutes later I was walking through the garden assessing the impact of the overnight rains. I pulled a few weeds to feed to the livestock and ended up chatting for a while with the custodian… Continue reading Of Gardens and Walled Communities