Social Justice

The NFL Draft and the Case for Social Justice

I will be the first to admit little knowledge of the inside workings of the sporting world.  As I’ve heard reports about the NFL draft, though, I’ve got to thinking about its underlying procedure — the teams that performed most poorly have the option to select earliest in the draft.  This is done in an attempt to level the playing field between teams and increase overall competitiveness.  Indeed, there’s been a lot of speculation with regard to what will happen now that the salary cap has expired because of stalled labor negotiations given that it proved to be such a success in keeping big market teams from consistently dominating games.

As I watch the debates regarding sky high salaries for some executives, and as I watch others struggle to get three healthy meals on their table, I’ve begun to wonder why taking steps to balance the playing field for American football is OK, and why developing policies to do so when it is people’s health and well-being at stake it’s considered anti-American?

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