Our Spring of Glorious Chaos

Oh, what a spring it’s been!  Besides the historically warm spring temperatures that rushed spring gardening, we’ve had some milestones this year…

  • April 30: Joey successfully completes his Eagle Board of Review
  • May 12: Eric’s Southern Illinois University Commencement (he didn’t attend, but did get his diploma)
  • May 12: Joey’s 18th Birthday
  • May 20: Open House at our house for birthdays, Eagle, graduations, and Angie and my impending empty-nest status
  • May 21: My dear Uncle Orland dies
  • May 22: Joey’s High School Commencement (he actually graduated in December and attended Parkland College for a semester before heading to SIU this fall)
  • May 25: Uncle Orland’s celebration of life
  • May 25: Total van when hit a dear
  • May 26: Miss ferry to Isle Royale but enjoy camping at Tettagouche State Park in Minnesota
  • May 27: Eric’s 22nd Birthday
  • May 28: Catch the ferry to Isle Royale for 3 nights and 4 days of wonderful backpacking.

And we keep on trucking…

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