Myles Horton on Education

I’m reading Myles Horton’s autobiography The Long Haul and this quote on page 130 really popped:

I have a holistic view of the educative process. The universe is one: nature and mind and spirit and the heavens and time and the future all are part of the big ball of life. Instead of thinking that you put pieces together that will add up to a whole, I think you have to start with the premise that they’re already together and you try to keep from destroying life by segmenting it, overorganizing it and dehumanizing it. You try to keep things together. The educative process must be organic, not an assortment of unrelated methods and ideas. 

I’ve read it a half dozen times already and plan to read it again in a second! If you don’t know if Myles Horton and his Highlander school, start learning! One of the most influential places, and person, that you’ve never heard of. It’s a greatdemonstration of how change for the better can happen — and has happened — through movements in our nation’s history. 

One thought on “Myles Horton on Education

  1. I am a big fan of Myles Horton; he had a great discussion with Paulo Freire in ‘We Make the Road by Walking‘. Good stuff all around.

    And yes, good to get back to the organic, natural way of things. Sometimes I think we humans are too good at overcomplexifying the world around us.

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