Family History Highlights, January 2018

Angie and I have continued to spend a little time here and there looking up some of our family history. Here’s a few highlights we’re putting next to a new European map we’re using to outline where our family lived before coming to the United States.

Tom Sloan & Marjorie Pelser Married in Indiana, 1965

Marjorie Pelsor Sloan

Pelsor + Roof + Gibbs + Wills + Jeffreys & Suter + Matthews + Gorden + McElwee + Cooper

  • Settled in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania (1800’s or earlier)

Grimm/Crim & Caretrout

  • Germany -> Virginia (mid-1700’s)

Poage + Prestin/Renick + Crawford + Douglas

  • Scots-Irish -> Virginia (mid-1700’s)
  • Presbyterian ministers, Farmers, others of educated working class
  • moved to the fertile, sparsely settled Northern Ireland in the 1600’s
  • George Poage was a Captain with the Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War, serving in the Clover Lick and Warwick’s Forts.

Thomas Sloan


  • Ireland -> Pennsylvania (early 1700’s)
  • James Sloan was born in Pennsylvania 1756 & served in the Revolutionary War

Oesch & Denny & Wuthrick

  • Switzerland -> Ohio (Mid-1800’s)

Eric Wolske & Helga Henkalman Married in Michigan, 1963

Henkelman + Mantei + Rösler + Meyer + Weidmann

  • Germany -> Volhynia (1800’s)
  • Martha Henkelman, born in Volhynia 1894, left the Lutheran church & traveled with Church of God evangelists, leading music
  • Volhynia -> Poland (1940)
  • Poland -> Germany (1945)

Wolske + Tepper + Kublick + Schuttke + Begalke

  • Germany + Eastern Europe + Sweden -> Volhynia (1800’s)
  • Volhynia -> Michigan (Early 1900’s)

Volhynia Deutsch Exile

  • Wolske/Henkelman families where exiled to Siberia July 1915
    • Amelia Kublick, Eric Wolske’s grandmother, and one daughter died on train to Siberia
    • Aurelie Krebbs Henkelman, Helga Henkelman Wolske’s sister, was born in Siberia 1917
  • Exile ended as part of March 1917 Russian revolution and the new government’s declaration of human rights
  • Unlike many Volhynia Deutsch, the Wolske/Kublick and Henkelman families were able to return to Volhynia to reclaim their homes & farms.

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