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To Life, To Love, To Caring, To More

Oktoberfest fundraiser. Community, family, friends, polka! Late night bike ride home. Dark, pothole, delayed ambulance. More dead than alive. Prepare for the worst. Well, maybe, just maybe, the best case, assisted living. Weeks with no memories. But wife, dear, loving, sweet, beautiful wife. And sons, and now daughter. Mom, sister, family and friends, visits. Laughter… Continue reading To Life, To Love, To Caring, To More

Faith · Reflections · Social Justice

My History, My Present

Learning about my history has been part of my life from my youngest remembrances. From the German-speaking church I attended until the 2nd grade, to the regular family gatherings with the Wolske’s, Kublick’s, Henkelman’s, and other blood relatives, to K-12 school homework assignments, my German ancestry has been at the forefront of storytelling and more… Continue reading My History, My Present