Printing a fabric poster

A colleague, Aiko Takazawa, was telling me about a wonderful new services she had discovered — printing posters on fabric. In researching it further, I came across a post regarding different fabric poster options on the American Society for Cell Biology website.

MentoringFutureEngagementLeadersPosterFollowing their recommendations, I placed my order with Spoonflower.com September 10th. The poster arrived today, September 22, and I’m very pleased with the results, especially given the price of $21.60 (I also paid $15 for express shipping since I wanted leeway in case it didn’t work out well).

The performance knit option is very pleasant to the touch in addition to being very functional. Given Spoonflower is a fabric shop more generally, perhaps next time I’ll get extra in a repeating pattern so that I can also wear my poster. But for this coming month, I’m very glad I don’t have to carry a poster tube with me as I travel internationally to present.

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