On being a step builder

I’ve had many stimulating conversations at the workshops held the last several days at the Engagement Scholarship Conference. But the really mind blowing realization over the last two days is that I am seeing things in my discipline unseeable by my strongest mentors. I am questioning their insights and I am realizing they fall short of where we need to be if we together are to achieve human flourishing. But I am seeing these things because of the wonderful job they did building the step on which I stand. And in seeing these things, I now realize in a new way my life’s work — to quickly shore up the tentative step I now am on. Even as I do so, my students are already using it to see things I cannot. As my mentors did, I need to encourage my students to begin constructing the next tread in our stairway. This is a good thing. This is a thing worth giving one’s life for.

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