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Community Engagement, Spring 2016

Here’s the syllabus and link to the bibliography for my spring, 2016, Community Engagement course. The course meets Thursdays from 1:00-3:50pm at the Library and Information Science building, 501 E. Daniel St., Champaign. Thanks to my students from the spring, 2015, course for their invaluable feedback which I have tried to incorporate into this updated… Continue reading Community Engagement, Spring 2016

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Draft Bibliography: Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies

The following is a draft bibliography for the new course I’m developing for fall 2015 called “Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies”. I welcome feedback on this bibliography, and also hope others find it valuable for their own work. (Many of the resources related to Makerspaces and libraries were provided by Rachel Suntop and were developed… Continue reading Draft Bibliography: Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies

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Community Engagement Bibliography

This past year, the Ferguson Public Library provided a strong example of the value of a library, especially in times of community struggle. During the Q&A portion of his┬ápresentation as part of the Information City CU lecture series, Scott Bonner, library director, mentioned that his leadership choices in Ferguson arose from the philosophy of ethics… Continue reading Community Engagement Bibliography