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Community Engagement, Spring 2016

Here’s the syllabus and link to the bibliography for my spring, 2016, Community Engagement course. The course meets Thursdays from 1:00-3:50pm at the Library and Information Science building, 501 E. Daniel St., Champaign. Thanks to my students from the spring, 2015, course for their invaluable feedback which I have tried to incorporate into this updated… Continue reading Community Engagement, Spring 2016

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Sociological Imagination & Diversity Gaps

I appreciate the introduction provided me by Randy Stoecker to the concept of sociological imagination, a term coined by C. Wright Mills in 1959. It is a way of seeing the broader sociological situations that result in many people experiencing similar outcomes. And so it was with interest that I read a piece regarding the diversity… Continue reading Sociological Imagination & Diversity Gaps

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Service-learning and community relationships

Prior to the introduction of a service learning final project within the course “Introduction to Networked Systems”, students completed a final project in which they were asked to be consultants for a fictional public library.  Students were assigned to one of several teams, each of which were to provide recommendations to the library board (their… Continue reading Service-learning and community relationships

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Communities of Practice and Introduction to Networked Systems

In Chapter 5 of his book Technology and Social Inclusion, Mark Warschauer reviews the importance of communities of practice in the learning process. In particular, he makes a strong distinction between learning about, learning how, and learning to be. Warschauer uses an example of learning to write to illustrate the differences. One learns about writing… Continue reading Communities of Practice and Introduction to Networked Systems